Paris Packaging Week – Ιανουάριος 2024

Paris Packaging Week – Ιανουάριος 2024


Machi Kakava and ABC DESIGN Communication visited the Paris Packaging Week exhibition organized in January in Paris.

During the exhibition she had the opportunity to meet professionals and clients from all over the world, promoting her services and developing new business relationships.

ABC DESIGN Communication’s participation in the exhibition was successful and contributed to increasing the company’s reputation and readability in the packaging industry.

Exhibitors tried to inform their audience about the latest trends in the field and demonstrate the innovative technologies and materials used.

In terms of typography, new printing methods were introduced that offer more accurate and professional results. Exhibitors promoted new machines and equipment that enable printing on a variety of materials and surfaces, including paper, cardboard, glass and plastic.

In the field of packaging, advanced techniques and prints were presented that emphasize design and aesthetics. Companies have promoted the use of environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs that attract the attention of the consumer.

Finally, in terms of finishing, new techniques and materials were presented that add value to the products. These included special types of glazes, metallic finishes, embossed elements and special colors.

Overall, the Paris packaging show was a great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest developments in printing, packaging and finishing and inform the public about the options available to them when it comes to packaging design and production.